Thursday, December 10, 2015

London backstage

December 10, 1965 and the Beatles were back home for a pair of concerts at the Hammersmith in London.   Many local celebrities went backstage to hang out with the lads.  Here is a story Gary Leeds tells in Creasy's book:

John Maus, Kathy and I were ushered in and the Beatles said hello to the two of us, but they didn't say anything to Kathy.  It wasn't until John said, "And this is my wife, Kathy" that it all changed instantly.  They were very polite, how do you do and all of that, but up until that point if they didn't know you and you weren't in the loop they wouldn't talk to you.    They were all watching Get Smart on the telly until somebody whispered something in John Lennon's ear.  He suddenly turned to me and said, "Gary, come with me to the toilet."  So I had to go.  So we got there and I said, "Nice toilet, John."  He said, "Yes, yes, they're not bad."  I didn't know what to say.  I said we'd better get back to the dressing room and he said, "no, we can't go yet."  Eventually, George Harrison turned up and said, "OK, you can come back now."  John said that a girl had been chasing him.  It was some time after when I found out it was Helen Shapiro he was trying to keep away from.

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