Monday, December 7, 2015

Foggy photos

Oh the weird fog-mask photos were taken 50 years ago today---December 7, 1965 in Manchester.   It was so foggy in Manchester that the Beatles were given these fog masks to wear as a precaution against the fog.   Really I would guess that they were given to the Beatles to pose for photos with a prop--I mean honestly I don't think the Beatles were extremely concerned about the dangers of fog inside of the theater---I mean George is smoking through his!   And no one else in the photos are wearing masks.  

Here is what Alf had to say about the foggy day:

Just my luck!  Just when all was going well, fog!  I had no problem getting out of Liverpool and we had a good trip over to Manchester; but when we got there, the whole place was covered in a blanket of really bad fog.  We drove though Manchester at a crawl, which is very bad for the boys because of the fans, but no one could see us, because of the fog!  It must have taken us a good four hours, ridiculous slow.  When we arrived at the Ardwick, the boys should have already been on stage.  Still, they made it, which is better late than never.  It was a bit of a hurry up, though.   The boys had a visit from Mr. Shenson, the film producer, to talk about their next film.  Don't know what kind of a thing it's going to be, but they all seemed quite excited.


  1. They didn't need props, they were interesting enough already...

    1. ...and yet they often used props in their photo sessions ("butcher cover", umbrellas, cake, old instruments, etc....).

      Sara, my guess on why they're wearing them and why no one else is: they're still inside. So they're probably putting the masks on, about to go outside. Love these pics!