Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Birmingham memory '65

There aren't any photos of the Beatles playing in Birmingham that I am aware of.  All there seems to be are a few things from the day fans bought tickets to the concert.    However, thanks to Mr. Creasy and his amazing book Beatlemania, there is this account of the evening show:

It was pretty scary for a 16 year old to be in the middle of all that--the girls screaming and jumping and waving their arms around.  The funny thing is I was more of a Stones fan, but I got a free ticket.  One of the two girls next door couldn't go so I went instead.  You couldn't even make out what they were playing from where we were.  The Moody Blues were a local band and I'd probably already seen them by then.  They were good.  We had got the bus in and it was the second show because I remember them announcing at the end that The Beatles had left so there was no point in hanging around.   The girls were still screaming on the bus back, but it's something I'll never forget--the night I saw The Beatles.  --Alan

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