Thursday, December 3, 2015

50 years of Rubber Soul

My favorite Beatles album, Rubber Soul, was released 50 years ago today.    I love every song on this album and I love the cover photo.    It might be 50 years old, but the music is still amazing and sounds "fresh."    Any other RS lovers out there?


  1. Rubber Soul was always my favorite lp too

  2. This is a great photo to celebrate RS's 50th anniversary. Obviously an American girl (made famous by Tom Petty years later!) holding the Capitol Rubber Soul album. Where would she be today? Yes, I'm one of them who favours the American song sequence. Encouraged by the photo, I played it last night, and it still sounds terrific.

  3. For me, RS marked the beginning of their music that was truly special.

    Michelle and Norwegian Wood are the standout tracks.

  4. My favorite. (The Capitol Records version)

  5. Though Rubber Soul isn't my "favorite" ("Revolver", then "White Album" are my top two), I am with Jay and Anonymous: the Capitol Records version all the way! It sounds the way the cover looks! It's the "concept" album that made Brian Wilson make "Pet Sounds" and you can see why. "I've Just Seen A Face" and "It's Only Love" are buried on the "Help" soundtrack......what a radical way to open up sides one and two with them! The American version is a mostly "acoustic" album, and has a really distinct sound, and a specific mood that sustains the whole record. The English version alternates between the acoustic and the heavy electric.

    I know it's sacrilege, but that's the only way I can listen to "Rubber Soul".

    FANTASTIC PHOTO, SARA!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!! I LIVE for a photo like that!! Thank you!!!