Sunday, November 29, 2015

When did George paint Kinfauns

Our dear friend over at the Kenwood blog posted this amazing fan-photo of George Harrison.   In the photo you will notice that George is wearing the shirt that he often wore during the summer of 1967.  However there is something that stands out in this photo----George's house is white!     We all know that George painted Kinfauns during "the summer of love" but when did this happen?

Well we have a clue.    Leslie Samuels talks to George and Klaus Voorman and shows them a photo of them painting the house "the month before" when her friend, Elieen from Chicago came to pay a visit.   We are able to date Leslie's visit to Paul and George's houses to July 12, 1967 (give or take a few days).

Elieen's photo of George and Klaus painting Kinfauns in June 1967

By the time Leslie made to to Kinfauns, it was fully psychedelic.  

Another slight clue we have is that John got this psychedelic Rolls on May 25, 1967 and I have read (although I am not sure if it is totally true) that his Rolls inspired George to paint his cars and his house.    So if we use those dates----then Kinfauns was painted between May 26-July 12.    So most likely George, Klaus, Pattie and whoever else was helping painted it over several days in June of 1967.    And this would make sense because mid-June wasn't an overly busy time for George or the Beatles.


  1. George should have got the same artists that did John's car and caravan—that looks more like his home has been broken into and vandalised.

  2. Very interesting post, Sara! I was in London at the time, as you know, but I never thought about the right date for the painting.

  3. The last two pictures were taken by the late Robert Whitaker, I believe.

  4. The fellow near George is Simon Posthuma from The Fool who was then giving technial advice, as stated by Marijke :

  5. Hi,
    We can't be 100% sure as Robert Whitaker, who photographed the first days of Painting (one of his pictures was used in Vogue), is now gone.
    That said, if you wanna stalk around Kinfauns, you can have a try here :

  6. I took the photo, and at that time I lived in New Jersey, not illinois.