Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Photo bomber

Little Queenies emailed me the other day and sent along these great photos of Paul and Jane at an airport in London on May 28, 1967.   Paul is picking up Jane from her tour with the Old Vic of the United States.    However, Paul and Jane aren't the only ones in the photos.   A very obvious photo bomber is pictured with them.   This guy very nicely and strategically places himself in the background of these photos.    The question is---who is this guy and what was he doing there?   If anyone knows, please post a comment or drop me an email.

This just proves that photo bombing was alive and well in 1967. 

The photo bomber didn't make it into this photo, but it is just a great shot from the same day, plus you have someone looking out from the backseat of that car.


  1. Thank you darling for sharing this! :)
    We hope we can find more info about him! it's so funny when you see he tries to e visible in the photos, haha :)

  2. Paul and Jane with a look that says....."it's over"......

    The photobomber is so funny!

  3. Paul looks like he's "switched on" and Jane doesn't want to know.

  4. What airport is this, please?

  5. Heathrow Airport - or London Airport as it was generally known at the time (1967).