Sunday, November 29, 2015

George Harrison MBE!

copyright photos
Interesting to see that George still added "MBE" to the end of his name when signing an autograph on June 16, 1986. 

Please do not post this photo on facebook, tumblr, etc.  I purchased the license rights to share this photo on my blog and if it is spread around the globe like wildfire the person spreading it could possibly get in legal trouble.   I post things like this for every imagecollect photo I have purchased the rights to post, and still see the photos all over the internet.   But at least I cover myself.  


  1. Putting MBE after his name looks like it was probably some kind of sarcastic joke. I think I even see an exclamation point after it too, to underline the droll humor.

  2. such a lovely snap of a beautiful man

  3. still missing you after all these years

  4. Yeah, George only ever put the MBE after his name to make a political point - as he was protesting here (Anti nuclear protest from memory?) in Trafalgar Sq, he wanted to show the government who was really in charge ;-).