Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Floor meeting

These photos taken at 3 Savile Row before the furniture was moved into the offices are a great who's who, aren't they?   I spot Peter Asher, Ringo Starr, Peter Brown, George Harrison, a woman that look sort of like Francie Schwartz, but I dont' think is her, Kevin Herrington?, Derek Taylor and Ken Mansfield?    Who did I leave out?  

I tried to include a 2nd color photo, but for reasons known only to the internet, it would not load properly.  


  1. The guy on the right, sitting between Ken Mansfield and Derek Taylor, is Stan Gortikov. At the time that this photo was taken, he was president of Capitol Records. Later, in the 1970s and 1980s, he was president of the RIAA.

  2. To clarify, that's Stan Gortikov sitting between Derek and Ken in the color photo. In the black and white photo, he's sitting on the far right. By the way, the suit Ringo is wearing in this photo is one of the lots in the Ringo auction at Julien's, which takes place December 3-5 in Beverly Hills. If anyone's interested, it's lot 745 which is described by Julien's as "a silk blend orange pinstripe, two-piece suit with psychedelic, bright floral silk lining, no labels. Starr was photographed wearing the suit at the Apple Office on Savile Row in the summer of 1968." Opening bid is $1,000.

    1. Thanks for the info, Mark. The top color photo came from the Ringo auction.

  3. I'm pretty sure that's Pete Ham is the one in the back, sitting back, smoking a cigarette. Amazing photos....the color one really brings out the red hair of Peter Asher and Pete Ham!

  4. Wow, these photos are amazing!!! We Scruffs always sat on the floor, but to see them doing the same - of course with the benefit of a nice warm carpet which we certainly didn't have - was interesting.

  5. That's not Pete Ham, it's Mal's assistant and Beatle aide Kevin Harrington.