Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Date night for Paul and Jane

Great fan snap of Jane coming into Cavendish to get Paul to go out for the night.


  1. I don't think Jane was the driver - English cars have the steering wheel on the other side to US. Looks like Paul hasn't sprung for a remote - or maybe they haven't been invented yet ?

    1. for some reason I thought someone else was driving the car and Jane not see in the photo, but I see that Jane is sitting in the passenger seat waiting on Paul. So I guess it is the opposite of what I originally thoguht, but still shows Paul and Jane going out.

  2. My guess is that`s Jane`s driver in the photo opening the gates.

  3. Doh .. the guy in the photo opening the gates is Paul, opening the gates for himself.

  4. That was a very common sight those days: Paul arriving with Jane, getting out of the car to open the gates, driving the car inside then coming back to close the gates. There were no remote controls in 1967 that I know of.