Sunday, November 8, 2015

Apple Mystery

A very nice guy named Jim posted the following photos of people outside of #3 Savile Row (know to you and I as Apple) on the Apple facebook page.    The photos were taken in late 1969- early 1970 by his now wife, Karen who was one of the fortunate girls that got to hang around the steps of Apple and see people Beatle and Beatle-related come and go.   However over the years she has forgotten the names of some of these lovely Beatle-related folks and was hoping that someone could recall who they were.   I asked Jim if he minded if I posted these great photos on this blog and see if any of you out there know who these fine folks happen to be.   Jim was nice enough to allow me to post these previous photos.    So if you do happen to know any of these Apple people, please post a comment.

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  1. so many fans came by during 1969-1970's - remember one Karen but who knows