Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Cellar Boys

Tracks has been selling some pretty amazing Beatles photos on ebay the past month or so.    One of the photo that they currently have up for auction  is this snapshot of Paul, George and John performing at the Cavern Club.    As I have read in Yesterday:  Memories of a Beatles fan, the Cavern fans didn't bring cameras into the club very often and because of that reason, very few  candid photos of the guys performing in the club exist. So what a treat this one is!   I wish I could just jump into the photograph and hear what they were singing.    A song where Paul sang lead apparently.  

Judging just by the look of John's hair, this photo looks to me to have been taken in August of 1962.  However, that is just a pure guess---anyone that knows better please politely let me know.


  1. Awesome photo...wish there were more.

    Jim Witty

  2. Wish I had a time machine, I really do