Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More with Elliot Mintz

I have really enjoyed reading all of the comments today about the Elliot Mintz with John Lennon photo.    I think we all agree that Elliot is a man that has had an interesting life and has met a lot of famous people.    I think we all also agree that he is a man that enjoys being tan.    I never quite understood his friendship with John Lennon and always felt like it was forced due to the face that Yoko was friends with him.   

Here is another photo from Elliot's facebook page, and it is one that doesn't appear to have been worked on.   Another great one for the "uh oh" files---looks at the cast of characters in one photo!   Ringo Starr and Nancy Andrews, Harry Nilsson, David Cassidy and Elton John!  


  1. Eliot lucked out to get in Yoko's good graces. But just like Sam Havitoy,Yoko paid them both dearly to shut up and never speak about anything the both of them know. And there's got to be PLENTY of things they know since they were 'there'. John never liked Mintz, he appeased his wife by appearing friendly towards him. Mintz is really just a lucky leech quite like not-magical-Alex