Monday, October 26, 2015

MBE fans

For what it's worth---I think the Beatle fans that were outside Buckingham Palace the day of the lads were awarded the MBE were some of the most hard-core fans.    While the Beatles were being decorated by the Queen, they came decorated in their father's work shirts declaring their love for the Beatles.   These girls actually tried to scale the main gate of Buckingham Palace!    That is some dedication there!     When I went to the Palace in 2013, I looked at that gate and saw how big and tall it was.   It impressed me to think that there were some fans 50 years ago today that had the guts to climb it to the top!     So MBE girls---today we honor you and your bravery---you took one for team Beatles that day and here at MTBFR salute you!  


  1. I was there that day Sara did not climb the railings but saw it happening. My first taste of Beatlemania. I was then one of the regulars and an Apple Scruff. I remember leaving home very early that morning but I can't remember which friends were with me!

  2. the amazing impact of Beatlemania and here in print 50 years later -wow