Monday, October 12, 2015

Elliot Mintz photo questions

I am sure that most everyone that checks this blog is familiar with Elliot Mintz.    He is an interesting character in the story of John Lennon's life.     He has posted above photo of himself and John on a boat in the 1970's on facebook with this story on John's 75th birthday

i was in new york at a hotel i always stayed in. it had been a late night, so i left a 'do not disturb' on the phone so i could sleep in.
at some unreasonable hour the operator rang and said theire was a man 'claiming to be john lennon on the line and insisting it was o,k, to wake you.'
he sounded excited. 'have you ever been on a sailboat'?, he asked. 'no', i replied. 'i don't know how to swim, so i try to avoid boats'.
'o.k. get dressed. i'll meet you in the lobby in 20 minutes'...and hung up.

a few hours later we were on a rather small boat in new york harbor with a mutual friend. it may have been late 1973 or 4.
he had been taking lessons and was eager to demonstrate his newly acquired nautical skills.
i watched him at the helm. he seemed completely at ease and in control of the vessel. we did not speak much. he was truly 'in his element'' and i did not want to distract him.
we had no 'time limit' or destination.
john approached each of his experiences in life with equal intensity and commitment. it diid not matter if he was making music or baking bread. it all mattered.
he would have been 75 today and so many people around the world are thinking about him and connecting with john in some manner that is 'real' for them.
each memory is meaningful. during his 40
years he gave us so much to remember.
he remains a truly unforgettable man.....
(courtesy: yoko ono)

Since posting this photo, there has been a lot of questions asking if it is a real photo or if it is  photoshop.   I have to agree that Elliot's head looks very strange on the photo--like it was added on later.   As I looked through Elliot's facebook page of photos, I noticed that most of the older photos in his album appeared to have been touched up and worked on in some way.    If you look at this photo from his page of John, Yoko and Elliot you will see that it too looks to have been photoshopped as well.

With the sailing photo, it seems to have been taken in 1973, before John and Yoko split (and John shaved his head).   John could be wearing the same  headband that was on a hat that he is wearing in some Bob Gruen photos.  John is photographed a month later wearing the hat without the headband.  

I tend to think the photo is the real deal, however Elliot may have had some work done on the photo to make himself look better.   Why would Elliot Mintz fake a photo of himself with John Lennon when there are lots of photos out there of him and John and we all know they knew each other.   There is no need for him to lie about that.   However, if he didn't like how he looked in the original photo----it wouldn't have shocked me if he changed up the photo of himself to a different, better photograph.  

What do you think about the photo?


  1. I wonder who's the mutual friend that took the photo...

  2. I will always be thankful to Elliot for his Radio series "The Lost Lennon Tapes" I listen to every one of them at a time when I was, as was everybody else at a loss for the late John Lennon. RIP

  3. John wear this jeansshirt since 1974 (see W&B-Session with Elton John), but the UFO-Button on his left appears at first when he met the people around Rick Sklar of WABC (ca. 3rd of October 1974?). But he never (?) wear his "Imagine"-glasses then, I think.
    So we find in Giulianos book, Lennon in America at pages 94f the story of Johns sailing trip in New York Harbor with Mintz and (here is the photographer) friend Richard Ross: September 1975. It's believable!

  4. I've done a lot of photoshop work over the years and the head on the boat pic is very unnatural looking.

    1. Could it be that someone tried to do a mask to maybe enhance some pic area?

  5. He always try to stand above what he's talking about. He also exagerates on tan, i always discuss his looks with a friend of mine we all him the littlw bird, because he looks like a small bird, like twitty the charactee

  6. I also tend to think this is from Sept 1975 as John only had hair that long back then and again in August 1980 but he never wore his granny glasses in 1980.
    I also agree that 90% of Mintz's photos on his facebook page have been either touched up (badly) or completely photoshopped putting him into the photo of a celeb. Elliot is a strange man but what I didn't know was he goes back to 1963 interviewing celebs and even had his own TV show in 1971 so he does actually know an awful lot of famous people but he still creeps me out.

  7. I'm thankful for the photo as it is new to me. But like anyone familiar with John's life, I regard anything from Mintz as suspect. He was Ono's friend, not really John's, and he's an opportunist. I would expect some embellishment as its in keeping with his track record. I take what he has to say with a grain of salt but still appreciate him sharing the photo. Regardless of any fact(s) behind the picture, that's definitely John!

  8. Incredibly great and rare photo of John. Thank you for posting.

  9. I agree Sara. There's no reason for him to lie about being with John. Surely Yoko could verify this particular trip. However, I do believe Elliot Mintz may be a little vain (given his penchant for the spray tan) so I certainly don't think it's out of the question that he would doctor the images. The face in the sailing pic looks very fake but it could very well have been taken on the same trip and he preferred the way it looked to this particular shot. I do think John valued Elliots opinion on many things and it does seem as though he was crucial in keeping John and Yoko in touch during the lost weekend. Anyway, I'm off to Photoshop myself into the same image....

  10. mintz doesn't look right in both pics but boat one is really bad

  11. It's more than Photoshop. Look closely at the wheel. Look at John's right hand gripping it. Then look at John's denim jacket. Most, if not all, of this "photograph" is a painting.

  12. this man is a liar sara, we all know he meet john and has his time around john and yoko but see to these 2 pictures in his facebook page, it is the same picture .the faces are in the same place but take a good look in the distance between them in the secodn pic,
    regards luis from mexico

  13. Mintz is just very impressed with himself, always was and still is. He wormed his way into Yoko's inner circle and John just humoured both of them, as John never really trusted Mintz, and how can blame him? He was just a lucky spin-doctor that Yoko paid quite well do her bidding and especially to keep his mouth shut.

  14. anon 10/30 - am curious: what did yoko pay mintz to keep his mouth shut about?

  15. Mintz has always been a poseur with no higher ambition than *appearing* important through his association with bona fide celebrities. He attended a community college in L.A., and his surviving classmates remember that all he could ever talk about was the celebrities he would meet.

    John Lennon wasn't the first. Sal Mineo was an earlier victim of Mintz'. When Mineo was murdered, Mintz seized on the opportunity to hold a press conference and announce that he was Mineo's best friend. In fact, he leeched off Mineo, even when Mineo was down on his luck; and Mineo's elderly housekeeper thought Mintz was bad for Mineo.

    Mintz's photos are fake. His tan is fake. His stories are fake. His ENTIRE LIFE is fake.