Thursday, October 29, 2015

At the record plant

Photo belongs to Geoff Lip Danielik  (taken by Nicky Hopkins)

This is a photo from August 1974 of Geoff and his friend, Pam with John in the Record Plant during the Walls and Bridges Sessions.    Geoff and Pam were fans that were allowed to send a few days at the Record Plant hanging out with John.   Geoff posted this photo along with a few memories on the Lost Weekend facebook page.   What does Geoff remember about John Lennon?   That he smoked Larks and drank Welch's Grape Soda.    Geoff says that John was just a "regular guy."    One of the days he was there, he handed some bootlegs over to May Pang to copy for John and the records got mailed back to him.   

A big thank you goes to Geoff (who by the way has also met Paul McCartney!) for sharing such an amazing photo!


  1. Man, how does one just get to hang out for a few days at the sessions!! Great photo!!! Geoff: thanks for sharing this fantastic photo! You all look really cool, and really happy, and really at ease!

    Would love to hear more about this amazing opportunity you had! But believe me: the picture alone more than suffices! Way cool!

    And he's wearing a freakin' "Brooklyn" shirt!! Ahead of his time, yet again!

  2. I like that he's wearing a t-shirt from the One to One concert.