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A Date with the Beatles

In the fall of 1963 Boyfriend magazine held a contest for four winners to win a date with all four Beatles.    This has to be one of the best contests ever held!   The winners went to the "Old Vienna" in London and had an hour-long lunch with the Beatles---well---they spent an hour with Paul and less time with the other three.   

Much thanks to vitality at BZ zone for posting the scans.   

 Article from Boyfriend Magazine 1963

What would it be like to date the four most fabulous and exciting boys in show business –none other than the Beatles?

 Well four girls did find out.  They were the four lucky girls to win the Beatles win a lunch date competition in Boyfriend magazine.   The girls were Karen, Vicky, Anne and Susan.   The boys of course were John, Paul, George, and Ringo.  

The four girls arrived at Boyfriend offices very punctual at quarter to twelve all rather nervous.   Vicky wore a brown tweed suit with an orange jumper.   Karen wore a white dress with a black satin collar.   Susan wore a gray dress with a Peter Pan collar and Anne wore a long sleeved grey dress.   The plan was to go to the Beatles press office to pick them up in a limousine hired specifically for the occasion.   But unfortunately the plan went wild.  

 Paul was the first to arrive and he couldn't think where he’d lost the other three.   So we decided to go, on leaving a message for the other.   As we went down into Bond Street, we noticed crowds of people. “The Queen or someone must be here,” Paul said.   But no, the crowds weren’t waiting for Royalty.   They were waiting for the Beatles.

October 17, 1963:  Win a date with the Beatles contest

When the car pulled up in the mist of the crowds, Paul began to panic, “Quick the door! We will be surrounded!”   But with the help of several policemen, he entered the restaurant quite safely.   The girls meanwhile, had arrived at the restaurant explaining, “We can’t eat a thing!   We are petrified!” Paul was rather happy about being the only Beatles there with four very attractive girls.  “This will serve them right for being late.  Four lovely girls all for me! “

Paul looked very handsome in a tweed jacket and light grey slacks.   The girl by this time has lost their nervousness.  Well, it's hard to be nervous with someone as natural as Paul.  He put everyone completely at ease.

Karen opened the conversation by asking Paul how he and Ringo enjoyed their holiday in Greece. “It was really great,” he said. “We just stretched ourselves out in the sun every day until it became unbearable, and then we went into the shade and had an iced Coke. That was just about our daily routine, nothing to do but relax.  Oh, we went water skiing-- have you ever tried it?  It's really great!  You must have a go sometime!

What about the Palladium?  “Oh, well, we were all a bit nervous about that.  In fact, we were more nervous before the show.  When we finally went out we felt okay.”

What did they think of Bruce Forsyth?  “Oh, he's a really great guy.  You know when he came on stage dressed like one of us?    It was Ringo's suit he was wearing!  And all those girls outside!  Whew, we didn't think we'd ever get out!  We would have liked to have seen the girls and met them if we could. But you know, it would have just been impossible. They were a little wild, weren't they? “

Still no sign of the other three elusive Beatles.     “I hope they're all right,” Said Paul. They’re probably being torn apart by the crowds outside--- and loving every minute of it!

Everyone was seated at the table, when there was a sudden commotion on the stairs, like an avalanche of boulders.  No boulders, just John, Ringo and George hurdling in. They rushed up to the table, apologies flying in all directions as they remove their coats, then Paul, with a flourish, proudly introduced the four girls. 

George was wearing a dark navy suit, Ringo a dark suit with a dark shirt, and John a navy suit with a lavender gingham shirt.  Everyone then ordered the meal.   The girls went for shrimp cocktails, with the boys favoring fruit juice and Paul having melon.

This was followed by steak, which everyone ordered except John. He was rather off his food, and asked for some jelly and a Coke!   The table seating had gone a bit berserk, too. Instead of the careful plan, there were three Beatles on one side, and one on the other.  There were John, Susan, George, Anne and Ringo, with Vicky, Paul and Karen opposite. But all the girls seemed quite happy.  John got out some designs that a girl had sent them for new stage shoes and suits.   The conversation the naturally turn into fashions and trends.   The styles the boy's favoured, and the girl agreed, where the military style suits, and Paul went overboard for lace- up boots. 

George then broke into a chorus of “she loves you”, much to the delight and amusement of Anne. Karen then asks Ringo about the Royal Command Performance.  “Well it's one of those things that you really plan and think about best you'll be glad when it's over .  The only thing were worried about is that they won't understand us, cause will be among a very exclusive class of entertainers.”

But the girls quickly assured them that they would be a fabulous wherever they went.

The fact nobody could deny within a few months they had topped the bill at the London Palladium, had a trip to Sweden, where they received a fantastic reception.  And of course, there were the Christmas shows to come.  It's sure to be the hit show above all others with tickets completely sold out only a few weeks after they were put on sale.

And that's not all, there’s the January/February trip to Paris, where they will be in  a show at the Paris Olympia.  Then to top it all, there is the one thing they haven't tried yet-- a film!

Take it all into consideration the Beatles got a lot on their minds, it isn’t surprising that John, Ringo and George overslept a little!  Back at the “Old Vienna”, all the girls were still chatting away to their own particular favorite Beatle, with the meal just being rounded off with a large, gateau especially made for the lunch date occasion, and of course, the Beatles favorite drink-- a Coke!

Autographs and photos were then signed for the girls, and the manager helped make the Beatles’ day by asking them to sign their names on the wall.

At this point, the police officer descended and announced that the poor chauffeur been driving around in his huge, black limousine for the past hour!

There were great sighs of regret from both the Beatles, who had to rush off to a secret destination, and the girls, who were coming back to the Boyfriend offices.

Yes, the time has flown all too quickly for Anne, Vicky , Karen and Susan. But it’s a lunch date I'm sure they won't forget in a hurry.  Well, would you?


  1. top pic of PAUL is a classic!

  2. Wasn't this on the same day as the date of recording "I want to hold your hand" (October 17, 1963), when originally the girls would also going to attend the Beatles recording at Abbey Road but then George Martin wouldn't permit outsiders on a Beatles recording session anymore?

  3. Well, actually it is vitaliy, not "vitality". :)

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