Sunday, September 27, 2015


This past week I watched an HBO documentary called "Nixon by Nixon" that played the infamous Nixon tapes and told the story of his presidency though them.    I have read a lot about "Tricky-Dicky" and knew that he wasn't a very  nice man, but wow---hearing him say some of the things on the tape really showed what a big jerk the former president really was.  

I find it interesting that in June 1973, John and Yoko made a trip to Washington D.C. to sit in on the Watergate hearings.   Of course after having their phone tapped and everything they went through with Nixon,  it is understandable why they would have such a interest in the hearings.    I wonder how many fans they met while they were there?   Did the media report that John Lennon and Yoko Ono were in the crowd (they must have since we have these photos).    And lastly---I wonder if there is any mention of John Lennon on the Nixon tapes---the man bad talked just about everyone else!


  1. There is talk of the Beatles!! When Elvis comes to the White House, and tries to blame the whole drug problem on the Beatles!

    The final nail in the coffin for me regarding Tricky Dicky is something that didn't get much press (in the states, the BBC of course were the ones that broke the story initially!): LBJ had a peace agreement right before Election Day 1968....and Nixon went behind his back and scuttled the whole thing. Which means that the Vietnam War went on for another seven years. Here's the LBJ tape, November 2, 1968:

    Shocking. The only reason LBJ didn't go public with it was because it would have meant revealing to the South Vietnamese that we were spying on them.

  2. There's evidence revealing that Tricky Dicky and LBJ were tied into the murder of JFK, even Prescott Bush, grandaddy to the idiot Bush boys...Government is a scary thing. Having been on the Committee to keep J&Y in the states, of course I wish they would have been deported back to the UK. Nixon was a super weirded out guy who used to talk to the portraits of the presidents on the walls in the white house walking with henry kissinger...He wasn't a good president nor was he a good man...

  3. "I only went once to see Watergate but it made the papers because I was recognized straight away. I thought it was better on TV anyway because I could see more. When it first came on, I watched it live all day, so I just had the urge to actually go. I had other business in Washington, anyway. The public was there and most Senators have children, so every time there was a break in the proceedings, I had to sign autographs. I was looking like a Buddhist monk at the time because all of my hair had been chopped off and I thought nobody would spot me. They spotted Yoko before me and assumed, rightfully, that I must be with her. It was quite a trip."