Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tales from the other side of the table

Today for my "Wednesday Review" I am going to review the two Beatle events I participated in the last two weekend.   The first event was held in Prairetown, Illinois and was called "When I'm 64."   I had a table set up and I sold raffle tickets for some Beatles prizes as well as talked to people about my book and this blog.    The second event was much larger and was held in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas called "Beatles at the Ridge."    Here I did a presentation about the Beatles in the Orzarks and had some people who met/saw the Beatles in Arkansas in 1964 speak plus I also had a table where I again sold raffle tickets, Beatles photographs and pre-orders for my book as well as talked up this little blog.   (I also gave out free pencils and some peace sign tatoos)

Sitting at my table in Prairetown, Illinois

This was my first time being on the "other side of the table."    And it was quite an experience!   The only negative thing I can truly say is that when you are sitting at a table all day---you miss out on all of the other fun stuff going on .    But here is what I learned:

10.   The public does not see all of the stress that happens before the event, but it somehow all comes together.   On the Wednesday before my talk on Saturday I wasn't sure who exactly was going to talk about seeing the Beatles.   I forgot to print out my presentation.  I somehow left one of my banners at home.   And I am sure that I wasn't the only one with stressful situation going on days and hours before the Beatles event and yet when the time came to talk, I was able to pull it together and make things go alright!

Here I am talking about the Beatles in Walnut Ridge

9.   Not all music is good.     Sitting at a table for hours while various music (not all Beatles) is being played live had it's advantages and disadvantages.   First of all---let's be honest---not everyone is in an amazingly awesome band.    Some of the groups I listened to weren't awful but they were a bit rough around the edges.    I heard some wrong lyrics and some missed notes.   I also heard some great music as well!   But the number one issue about the music is that it can make it really difficult to hear the people that are talking to you.

8.   Beatles fans know how to have fun!    This isn't a surprise by any means, but everyone I talked to was super nice and were there to have a good time, including my fellow presenters!

Kit O'Tool and I Come Together right now over shakes at Walnut Ridge
7.  There is a lot of down time.    At both events I was at, I noticed that people come in spurts.   For a long time I would be sitting there and then suddenly a large group of people would be at my table wanting to hear more about my blog.   

this was my view in Walnut Ridge

6.   I am a big fish in a little pond.    Being around so many other people who love the Beatles just as much as I do and have just as much knowledge about the band as I do really sends me back to reality that I am not the only Beatle geek out there.   Although---in Prairietown they referred to me as "The Beatles expert, Sara."   

5.   A lot of work goes into putting on a Beatles event.    Seeing things from behind the scenes was pretty eye opening.    I knew that a lot of work went into the planning of these Beatles events, but wow!   The details and the small things that have to be put into place is just amazing!

4.  The Beatles bring together people of all races, religions, ages and abilities.   It was pretty neat how many young people came to my table at both events that were truly Beatles fans.    In Prairetown they had an area where kids could color Beatles photos, make a tambourine, play a drum kit and other fun things.   In Walnut Ridge they had bounce houses and climbing walls for the kids.    I loved that there were activities geared towards kids because they are the next generation of Beatles fans!

Beatles coloring in Prairetown
3.  The wind is going to blow you stuff around.    This is just a fact that I learned really quick.  If you are at an outside event---the wind will blow and your Beatles photos will go flying around.  

2.  The VIP areas are pretty sweet!!    At Prairetown I was given a ticket to the hospitality area where they had all sorts of beverages and food for me.    In Walnut Ridge I was allowed into the VIP area where again there was a ton of food as well as bathrooms.   Never in my life have I been allowed inside a VIP area---it was really, really hard for me to believe.

These Beatles cupcakes were in the VIP room at the Ridge and no one ate them!

1.  I loved talking to all of you!    The outpouring of support for my book at these festivals was amazing.   I am typically shy and like to keep to myself.   And yet---when people came up to me and wanted to talk Beatles, it was so great!     I realize that I am not a true Beatles writer or historian.   I am one of YOU---just a fan.    So getting to talk to other fans---even if they weren't interested in what I was promoting---was extremely awesome.    I hope to have more experiences in the year to come.


  1. I loved reading this Sara! Glad you had a good time and were able to promote this FAB blog and your book.

  2. My favorite line: " First of all---let's be honest---not everyone is in an amazingly awesome band." You can say that again!!!!

  3. Sara, your blog is one of my daily essentials. It's one of the best Beatles sites out there, and the quality and rarity of some of the photos you post is second to none. Thank you for what you do.


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words....I have been feeling a bit down about myself and this blog, so they came just at the right time.