Monday, September 28, 2015

Look who is standing by the car???

Much thanks goes to Bruno!

You should recognize three important people and one important dog in this photo.   We see Paul McCartney along with his girlfriend at the time, Jane Asher.  The photo was taken in 1968 shortly after the couple left India and returned to London.  And of course in the car is the beloved sheepdog, Martha.   But who else do we spot??   Our very own Lizzie Bravo is standing next to the car looking in with a bewildered look on her face that makes me think that Lizzie is disappointed that it is Paul and Jane in that car and not John and Cyn.    What do you think Lizzie? 

While I am sure Lizzie was hoping for John at the time, there is no doubt that this is a treasure of a photo to find today!   


  1. Hi Sara! It's so amazing to get a photo like this after 47 years! I have no idea what I was saying or why do I have that look on my face, but don't think I was disappointed: I have always been a John fan, but seeing Paul was always nice. He is the only Beatle I can say I had conversations with. Near John, I had a few phrases I would repeat like a robot: he just made me melt inside… I hope more photos like this will apeear after my book is out! Wow, you are calling ME important? I am just a fan...

  2. That's Lizzie!!!!

    Oh, I'm so happy she hadn't seen this photo before!! That must be so eerie!!!

    Lizzie, you are not just a are a guest musician on a Beatles record! In my book, that's pretty important! There's you, Alan Civil, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston...Gayleen.........and like, few others!!!! Why, I've been listening to you since I was 5, and a family friend gave us an 8-track filled with rare Beatle stuff. "Acorss The Universe" was the first song on the tape, and I was transfixed!

    Just a month or so after you had recorded with them! Hope Paul remembered!!!

    1. Hi Anonymous, I hadn't seen your post before. Thanks for your kind words! Regards from a rainy Rio de Janeiro.

  3. Sara, I was just looking at this photo again and I think it's from the day BEFORE he left for India. I have three great photos of him from that night and he is wearing the same clothes. But then again, Paul was known to repeat outfits, so I could be wrong.