Tuesday, September 8, 2015

John Lennon sunglasses

As you all know----I do not make money from this blog at all.   The only perks I occasionally get might be a free book now and again (although I would say that about 95% of the books I review I have purchased myself).  

I typically do not put ads or promote anything on this blog, because I only want to post things that I think are of interest to my blog viewers.     Well---I guess I am breaking my own rules.    Earlier this summer a very nice fan named Allison contacted me about a guest blog post for John Lennon sunglasses that she is the Outreach manager for the company selling them. 

John's glasses are often a topic that is discussed around here and I am sure that a few of you would be interested in owning some of these glasses yourself.   And because Allison has became a reader of this blog, I agreed to have for the first time in the history of MTBFR a guest blogger about  the sunglasses in exchange for my link on her site.   

It is almost ironic that when the Beatles started out, John was embarrassed to be seen wearing glasses but by the time  the Beatles broke up, John's glasses became like a trademark of his.    As a someone who has had to wear glasses since I was 7 years old, it was always very cool that John Lennon also wore them!

John Lennon – The Legend Lives On
As a legend of rock and roll and a worldwide promoter of peace, John Lennon’s legacy is one that continues to live on. When we recall memories of John, it is kind of difficult to imagine his appearance without him wearing his signature round spectacles. This every day accessory literally became a part of his persona, and even after his death, his image is always portrayed with those classic, iconic frames. 


Round frames were always John’s first choice when it came to eyewear – be it sunglasses or glasses. In fact, did you know that round frames were originally referred to as “teashades” and were a popular choice among many alternative artists in the 1960’s? Well, I guess it shouldn’t come as a big surprise – if John Lennon was wearing them, then a lot of artists must’ve wanted to share the same cool style!

If you are curious about what brands and styles were John’s favorites, you can read more about JohnLennon Sunglasses here.