Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Brian!

Yesterday would have been Brian Epstein's 81st birthday.      Of course MTBFR is a place that fully supports and loves Brian Epstein and I didn't want this weekend to end without honoring him in some way.     I hope that one day people who like the Beatles and not just the had core fans open their eyes to the importance of Brian Epstein in the story of the Beatles.   Here's to you, Eppy!  

Photo by Ron Joy


  1. Thank you for posting. I really believe that without Brian, we would not know who John, Paul, George, and Ringo were. It's hard to imagine a world without those guys being such a big part of it.

    Thank you Brian, wherever you are, for being the first ultimate fan who saw their energy and heard their powerful vibe, passion, and warmth.

    I really mean this; I think the entire world owes Brian a thank you because the Beatles have helped millions of people all over the world get through difficult times. With that much positive energy, who knows where we would be today without it in the world.

  2. Beautiful pics of Brian, ones I never have seen before.

    Poor Brian, he would be so proud today!