Thursday, September 10, 2015

Gunnar Nilsson

On January 6, 1979, George Harrison and many friends paid tribute to Gunnar Nilsson, a 29 year old Formula One driver that had sadly died of testicular cancer in October of 1978.    He was a Scottish born racer, who was admired not only for his driving but for his strength and determination after he was diagnosed.   While he could no longer race, he started up the Gunner Nilsson Cancer Treatment Campaign, which this race in 1979 benefited.   


  1. Gunnar Nilsson (20 November 1948 – 20 October 1978) was a Swedish racing driver, born in Helsingborg
    Bosse, Sweden

    1. The information that I read said Scotland. But regardless of where he was born, he died way too young from a terrible disease.

  2. Great pics Sara! Kenny Lynch in the last pic. First guy to cover a Beatles song (Misery) and his other claim to fame - one of the prisoners on the cover of Band On The Run. You probably knew this but you know us Beatles fans, we're all know it alls! ;)

  3. Bob Dylan in the middle of the autographed picture!