Monday, September 14, 2015

Electronic Music

In the snapshot of John Lennon from the Sgt. Pepper recording sessions, we see that he is holding a record album.   That album is called Electronic Music and it was released in 1966.    It is full of synthesizer music and from the reviews I have read of it, it is supposedly sub-par to other albums of the same genre during that time.   I wonder what John thought of it and if it gave him in inspiration for the Sgt. Pepper recordings or other future recordings.  Or did he just take it home and never both with it again?  


  1. This photo was taken by my friend Lynda. I have one from that day too, where he's holding the record. And I found it online and included it beside the photo in my book, like you did here. The badge is "Sword Swallower". I never heard or read anything about his reaction to this record...

  2. Anyone for the date?