Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Watching Help!

While the Beatles were touring America, many fans did not get to see them in person for a variety of reasons.  However, during the last week of August and into September 1965, fans did get a chance to see the boys in color and on the big screen as the movie, "Help!" started to move to smaller theaters throughout the country.    I found some very charming photos of fans watching the film in Cape Gerardo, Missouri (which by the way as this awesome shoe store called Macy's Shoe Planet!).   

By Dennis O’Neil
Missourian Staff Writer

Dim the house lights. Let the ritual begin.
The screen flickers, there are a few lines of dialog, a few titters from the assembled worshipers, then the ear-splitting shriek of a hundred young female voices raised in simultaneous adoration.
A great, natural phenomenon is present. On the movie screen four young men – The Beatles, the pop-songsters supreme, the Twentieth Century’s equivalent of minor deities – are singing “Help, I need sumbodah” and every girl in the audience would like to be that sumbodah.

Grandmothers and spinsters, too, would like to help these shaggy performers. Because, astonishingly, their’s is not sex appeal. Other pop singers raised to the stars on heaps of adolescent dollars – Elvis, the young Frank Sinatra, and going way back, Rudy Valle – made a strong appeal to the three-lettered feeling. Not the Beatles.

They are funny, these Beatles, they generate giggles, not sighs. they are cuddly, like teddy bears. And they are genuinely talented. Leonard Bernstein, conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, composer and conductor of the classics, calls their home-brewed music a “small art form.”

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