Saturday, August 22, 2015

Fire in the sky

George looks over to the fire fighters--

You can see a fire fighter checking out the situation on the plane.

The Beatles had a very difficult flight to Portland, Oregon.  It was during that flight that Larry Kane noticed the wing was on fire and things were pretty scary (Beatles women and children first!).   You can see in one photo that a fireman was working on the plane as the Beatles left.    Here is what Alf Bicknell had to say:

We seem to be very lucky on this tour, or maybe not!  Anyway, another nasty incident with the plane.  As we came in to land between mountains as if that wasn't bad enough, one of the engines caught fire!  I don't' think there was anybody who wasn't scared to death.  I know I was.  George was quite adamant that he didn't wish to do this again.  He was really worried.   Despite all this, the show here in Oregon, at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, went down very well.  We are leaving after the second show.     What turned up for the books, a new plane was waiting for us, or rather an old one.  I've got plenty of time to write now, as there is nothing much else to do.  That plane people forgot to bring any refreshments form the Elektra.  So much for the party!   There are a couple of lads from the Beach Boys with us who dropped in after the first show.  Brian is fuming because of the state of the plane, and we're going to be late  because it's so slow. 

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