Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fans remember the Beatles in Atlanta

I want to recommend this article that was from Beatlesfan magazine.  

What fans that attended the concert have to say (found all around the world wide web)

I was there!!! My dad took me and my 3 younger bros (I was 14). Girls were screaming SO loud we could hardly hear them (the bass came though) but I was thrilled...I had just got a drum set started playing - later I took up bass and started playing professionally in the seventies - quit for about 30 years and just got back into it. Today the band I play in does "Something" "Taxman" and "I Saw Her Standing There". –H. Lee

I do remember Paul breaking a bass guitar string! To this day that's the only time I've ever seen that happen! I've played in clubs, frats, parties, you name it and I've played it! But I've never seen anybody break a bass string! – Steve

My best friend, Sarah and I were at this concert.  We had great seats, and actually could see the Beatles in the dugout as they popped their heads out to see the crowd.  I remember this was one of the only, if not the only concert that the seats were reserved seating.  Sadly for me I have lost touch with my friend Sarah and would love to find her again...Great memories!  Great music! – Rene

I was at this concert.  Not only could they hear themselves, we could hear them also.  Yes, there was a lot of screaming.  But, for the most part people sat and listened.  I had friends tell me they drove by the stadium and could hear them outside. – Betty

I was there with my sister, I am a friend of Red Jones a WQXI announcer that hired and worked with the Beatles, he said that Baker audio had to go to several places (like Columbia South Carolina) to gather enough equipment to do the show,  I was a 13 year old already playing and singing and I noted that the PA for the whole Atlanta stadium was only 4 voice of the theater altec lansing A-7s, laying nearly on their backs facing up towards the crowd. The stadium was halved, with the other half closed off.  –Carolotta

I was there on row 5 with my mom. Screaming and crying girls everywhere and arms reaching by me apparently trying to touch them. (The group was in the middle of a Major League Baseball field so that would be one heck of a reach!!!)- Tim

The screaming from the girls was louder than the sound system so they would start out with a song and you'd hear about the first three or four words of the song, and after that it would just be solid screaming.  –Cole

"It was mass hysteria, Normal-looking, church-going Southern girls were going absolutely nuts!" "It was so loud that you could barely hear the music. I've been to races at Talladega in Alabama, and the fans at this show were even louder than all of those souped-up cars!"  -- Lance

I was there at the Atlanta stadium show, I was 13 and have some vivid memories of them running out of the dugout to the second base stage.  I remember that the speakers for the whole Atlanta stadium were only 4 altec A-7s at first and third bases; they were leaned back supported by bricks and facing the audience! the Beatles said they could hear themselves in Atlanta so there must has been some sort of on stage monitors, I remember that as soon as they finished they quickly jumped into a black limo parked behind the stage and as they drove off they threw some white towels out the windows,  -Phil

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