Friday, August 21, 2015

Fan fondly remember the Beatles at the Met

I was 16 and a devoted Beatles fan when I saw them at Mets Stadium. We had very good seats right in front of one of the monstrous speakers so we heard the music quiet well. It was like having an out of body experience. You just could not believe you were hearing the Beatles live in concert. Paul would wave in our direction and hundreds of girls would literally pass out. Thousands of flash bulbs were going off making the sight absolutely surreal. Seeing the Beatles quite literally changed my life because after that August night me and my mates went back home and started a band and became professional musicians, and I am still playing music to this day. Thank you John, Paul George and Ringo for the music and inspiration you have given to me and to millions. – Doug

My two cousins and I went to The Beatles concert on August 21st,1965.We sat in the 1st deck, section 5,row 17,seat 6. I was 17 years old. We enjoyed the concert so much!. We screamed threw the whole concert and it was hard to hear from all the other screaming fans.My oldest brother had bought me the ticket to see the concert. I was a night I will never forget. I still have the ticket stub to this day. – Anonymous

I was a Bloomington Police Officer and part of the personal body guard attached to the Beatles at Met Stadium, Aug. 21 , 1965. I got all four of their autographs while riding with in a laundry truck to their Minneapolis hotel. Still have them. – Butch

"It was just so much fun to be with so many people who loved the Beatles just as much as I did." –Carol

“When they came out we were just crazy nuts.  "Everybody just screamed from the beginning to the end -- you could barely hear the music." – Candy

"Our whole section would hold Paul's picture up, and he would nod to us,"We went through all of them. We'd get a little nod or they'd tip their guitar." – Mary Kay

I remember we sat through what seemed liked hundreds of opening acts, even though there was probably only three,” she said. And then when the Beatles finally came on, “it was so quick. Only about a half-hour. The only song I remember seeing is ‘I’m Down.’ ”—Kathy

“You could hardly see them, and there wasn't a sound system like there is now, so you know, you just kind of knew you were there and you were part of the experience." --  Helain


  1. wow! doesn't that girl in the top picture look like linda?

  2. yes she really does even to her expression that is similar to linda in some pictures with macca

  3. Sara, I am loving every one of these posts, unbelievable stuff......all the pics of the fans, amazing! Beautiful, this comment is for ALL the US tour posts! And all the fan remembrances!!! I love them!!