Saturday, August 15, 2015

A few of the 55,000 fans that were at Shea

I was there with my girlfriends I think on the 2nd level. I had the sign JO LOVES JOHN the other sign was a British Flag with a sign for John. I have seen my sign on copies of the Shea stadium concert. I still have it. My friends crack up when they see it. I also have my ticket stubs. – Joann

Have my ticket stub – Sec 31 / Row A / Seat 16 – Gate D – Sun Aug 15, 1965 – $5.65. I was very upset because I really wanted to hear them sing but due to the loud screams could not. I recall Paul trying to quiet the crowd but it was a losing battle. Even so, I’m glad I was there to be part of the experience.—Mary


  1. To me all the girls who were at Shea Stadium that night - ladies I should say - and are still alive to tell the tale are veterans. Thanks to them this event gained the historical significance it has. I salute them all.

    1. I second that emotion!!!!

      My aunt was there!

  2. 'Watch the footage of Shea Stadium, it’s like a war zone. If you were just shown the crowd you’d assume you were watching people react to a tragedy, something horrific that had just happened in front of them. It wasn’t a tragedy though, it wasn’t horrific, it was The Beatles playing I Feel Fine.'

    One can never tire of looking at photographs of the marvellous audience at this phenomenal concert. There are some interesting observations on the Beatles, and Shea on the following pages:

    Thank you Sara,

    Montagu Square

    These pages have some interesting observations about both the Beatles, and their appearance at Shea: