Monday, August 24, 2015

2850 Benedict Canyon

The Beatles took August 23-27 1965 off from the North American tour and stayed at 2850 Benedict Canyon in L.A. during that time.   They rented the house from Zsa Zsa Gabor.  They spent a lot of time relaxing in the pool and just enjoying the sun and having a break from it all.  However, it wasn't long before an L.A. radio station broadcasted the address of the house and before they knew it, there were fans everywhere!

Fans at the gates of the 2850 Benedict Canyon

Alf Bicknell talks about the house in his 1990 book, Beatles Diary
2850 Benedict Canyon, a road virtually up the side from the Beverly Hills Hotel, a most luxurious place.  Up in the canyon, with a beautiful swimming pool.  There was a super guy, I wish I could remember his name, Roy, I think, working for a catering company in Los Angeles.  He was like a Maitre D', a butler, but no more than that.  A terrific guy.  He's a chef, and he had one or two girls (or rather, ladies) there to do the food, lay the tables, and all sorts of things.  It was a big house with bedrooms all over the place.  Paul sorted out a bedroom with all cut glass.  But I was at the other end of the house, and the room I actually got---well!  It was a very strange house, bedrooms either side, huge great lounge, fireplace, games room, poker table, pool table, but I slept unluckily.  It was like being in a bunkhouse in a western movie, where I slept.  But  the most fascinating thing about this house I could remember was that all the walls were like balsa wood.  you could push your fingers into them.  It was an  absolutely fantastic house.  The whole layout was really beautiful.  I've got a vague recollection that some girls jumped out of a helicopter or something into a swimming pool.  I'm almost certain, because we were sitting, outside by the pool and suddenly this girl appeared in the pool.  (Note from Sara:  More about that tomorrow!)

In 2012 the house went up for sale and we got to see some photos of the place:


  1. Years later, The Red Hot Chili People rented this house and recorded their album "BloodSugarSexMagic" there, including the hit, "Give It Away".

    Not as great as "She Said, She Said", though!

    Love the article clippings, and the picture of the fans outside the house!!

  2. That's not correct. BSSM was recorded at the houdini estate in laurel canyon.

    1. The Documentary Funky Monks confirms this.

  3. FYI...Jimi Hendrix and his group stayed there, late Sep thru Oct of 1968....from what I can find, this nice home was bulldozed a few years ago...What a shame!

  4. In 1969, just past this house, across from 2901 Benedict Cyn, is where Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Linda Kasabian pulled over and threw their bloody clothing over a cliff, having just murdered Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Voytek Frykowski and Steven Parent, down Benedict Cyn on Cielo Drive..