Sunday, July 5, 2015

The end of the 1965 European tour

Here is the last part of the story that I have been  posting for those who are interested:

The Beatles got to London Airport on Sunday around noon on flight IB 424.  They were received by a thousand fans who could see John and Ringo (try to) dance flamenco before all of them.  Besides another success, they had brought with them a Spanish guitar, several copies of the book Toros y Toreros (Bulls and Bullfighters) by Picasso and Luis Migual Dominguin (the latter a bullfighter), a record called La Antologia del Cante Flamenco (Flamenco Singing Anthology), a set of records by the most outstanding Spanish groups of that time and Juanita Biarnes' camera case.   In Spain they left, according to those media who supported them, "a contribution to Spanish young people's prestige," ofts of typical snaps, an adulterated NODO (Spanish government controlled informative which was shown at cinemas before films) whose outtakes were rescued many years later and helped to domonstrate the actual truth of the visit, and audio recording of the concert (a fact completely ignored for many years) and many memories which have become part of the history of Espana.  Ole Beatles!

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