Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Help! for Beatle fans

July 29, 1965 was the London premiere of the Beatles' film Help!   However, the fans didn't come to see the movie.  They came to catch a glimpse of the Beatles coming in and out of the theater and on the red carpet.      And the fans came out in mass amounts that summer day!   Plenty of bobbies were on hand to try to control the crowd, but there were many fans fainting and crying.     And maybe some of them actually got to see one of the Beatles?


  1. I freaking love these photos!!!!!!!!

    Fan pics are the best!!!!

  2. If you just look at the fan photos at their concerts or an airport arrival, etc. the frenzy that The Beatles stirred up was amazing and never to be duplicated ever again! Great photos

  3. The girl on the left in the Beatles sweatshirt in ghe phofo with two other fans and Policewoman is me!!!!!!! Wow have not seen this since way back then - 50 years! You can see a bandage on my index finger of my left hand I cut this making a banner with the help of my Beatle friends Maureen Hogg and Carol Barford. Still have the scar today. We had a great plot outside the Leicester Square cinema had a great view of the boys. Gfeat days. Laraine (Bartram)

    1. That's you?!!! This is why this blog is the best!!!

      What was it like? How long were you out there?!

      May I compliment you on your impeccable taste in music!!! You sure picked the right horse, didn't you!

    2. I have to agree---this is my favorite thing about this blog by far. When people in the photos appear and tell us more about the event! Well I also like it when long lost Beatle friend reunite because of this blog.

      Anyhow you got to actually see the Beatles?? Do you still talk to your fellow Beatle friends? Could you tell us more about that day?


  4. Laraine, I'd love to put Maureen, Carol, and you in the chapter I'm writing. If that's okay with you, my email is It would be great to have that personal story! Thanks so much! And as always, Sara, thank you for what you do!!! Amazing! Jude

  5. Sorry only just seen your comment. Did you finish writing your chapter
    My email address is