Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cure for the summertime blues

I don't know about the rest of you, but I just feel like this has been a bummer of a summer.    I haven't gotten to see Paul or Ringo this summer (although I know a few of you have), viewership on this  blog has gone down and the days have been very rainy or extremely hot.   I haven't gotten to get out of my house a whole lot because of the weather.    So I thought I would brighten up the summer (or winter if you live elsewhere) with a small contest.     Oh---another bummer----the Help! contest I thought I was going to have this summer I guess isn't happening.   But I am holding a small contest for some little souvenirs that I picked up with you all in mind when I was at the Rock n roll Hall of Fame in June.    Please note that these are just little trinkets and nothing special.  

Prize A:
  • A British Invasion kids book.  This is full of cute stickers that look like the Beatles and little activities like a maze to help the bass player get to his bass
  • Rock n roll Hall of Fame 2015 inductees badge--Ringo's name is on it!
  • $10 Amazon gift card

Prize B:
  •  a purple bracelet that says imagine peace
  • a tye-dyed Rock n Roll Hall of Fame coaster
  • $10 Amazon gift card

To enter the contest email me at  and tell me if you want to be entered into the contest for prize A or prize B.     I will then give each person a number that I will keep track of (I will not be sending you an email back this time).   One August 2, 2015  I will pick two numbers and announce who the winners are.

Please note that you can only enter the contest once, regardless of how many email addresses you have.     You can enter the contest regardless of what country you live in.   (although I am not sure how amazon gift cards that were purchased in the United States work in other countries).    I bought this stuff with my own money just for a fun contest, so please be kind.    Good luck!

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