Sunday, July 19, 2015

Best of the Beatles?

Very strange photo----why is Elton John holding a "Best of the Beatles" album?    Did he even know what this was?   Huh?


  1. I'm sure Elton knew what that album was, Sara. He's a huge Beatles fan and also a record-buying fanatic. When I was a kid in the 70s, I used to take the bus to Tower Records on Sunset because I thought I might see Elton or John there! lol (Elton said it was his favorite place in LA, and I knew he was friends with John.)

    1. I asked that question "tongue and cheek" because I had just heard a Fab 4 Free For All Podcast about how they got this record as a kid and thought it was going to be Beatles music, because the other Beatle members were on the cover and were disappointed. I still think it is an odd choice for Elton John to be holding in a photo that appeared in a magazine.

      Anyhow---I totally would have been hanging out at that Tower Records too! A slim chance of seeing John Lennon is always a good thing!

  2. Ha!

    Well....we have to travel back in time to the 70s! I remember the first time I happened up on that album....I was like.....Pete Best? I can hear what Pete Best sounded like? So, it definitely had appeal, and I'm sure Elton felt the same way.

    Plus....look at his face! He doesn't look like he has high expectations for the album!!!! :P

    Great, funny pic!