Monday, July 27, 2015

Almost a religious experience

photo by David Hurn

Beatle fans watching the Beatles in Birmingham in 1964


  1. Someone is being economical with the truth. This was actually taken during a fan hysteria scene staged for the Peter Watkins' film "Privilege" (starring Paul Jones) at the Town Hall, Birmingham, UK, August 1966.

  2. "Someone is being economical with the truth"? You mean, Sara is LYING?

    What is it about this blog that makes people be so uncouth? Does the internet make everyone mealy-mouthed?

    Yes, you can tell those are English bobbies, and the fashion is more 1966, so I'm sure you're right....but maybe next time you can point out the correction without the snotty attitude. You know, little snotty comments like that, little digs...that's what makes people just shut down their blogs and their websites, which I am absolutely positive Sara - a person who goes to great lengths to post multiple things per day, things we all enjoy, often typing up long stories and accounts, in the face of relentless snarkiness - will do eventually. So, thanks Anonymous for the correction!

  3. I am not familiar with the movie "Privilege" (I have stated before that I am NOT a movie person---heck I have never seen Star Wars) but I wonder if the scene has anything to do with the Beatles "more popular than Jesus" statement or at least the way fans reacted to the Beatles?

    I took the information from a photo site that has a bunch of photographs David Hurn took and I didn't have any reason to question it. That hat one girl is wearing is similar to the hats that fans used to decorate with Beatles in the 1960's.

    I still think it is an interesting photo and has something to say about fandom in the 1960's and so it stays here.

  4. Unknown, don't burst a gusset (oops, too late...). I take it you are the same twat who always feels the need to jump to the defensive when people point out when things are incorrect and try and correct them for this blog's benefit. I wasn't implying Sara was being economical with the truth - it was more directed at the site where the picture was posted. Lighten up for feck's sake. "Privilege" is a music-related film starring Paul Jones about a messianic pop figure controlled by the state and yes there are Beatlemania-type scenes in it but to describe this is a picture taken at a Beatles concert in 1964 is historically incorrect.

    1. No, I feel the need to jump to the defense when people are rude for stuff they get for free, stuff that someone else takes time, effort and energy to post. And yeah, you were implying that she was being economical with the truth, because until she replied you didn't know where she got the picture from. There's a way to correct the blog without being a ingrate and a slug....but hey, girl, if the shoe fits.....

  5. Oh I'm sorry, is this a five minute argument, or the full half hour?