Monday, July 27, 2015

A scarf photo by Scharfe

photo by Nancy Scharfe


  1. Man, these Nancy Scharfe photographs that you've been posting are all really nice, she definitely knew how to take a good picture!

    1. Agreed! That is such an awesome picture of Paul.

  2. Nancy - Wow! You got to meet Paul! I remember you. You called yourself Ringo. You had a good friend who called herself George. We all used to meet up somewhere downtown Chgo & would hang out at a radio station in Marina City or Old Town. I often wondered what happened to you & others I hung out with during my teeny bopper days. It was everyone's dream to meet the Beatles. - Martha

  3. great photo - and Martha anon 1/15/16; your post made me laugh as I remember how my mates & I also called ourselves by the lads names way back when