Sunday, June 28, 2015

The press in Rome

Being the John fan that I am----I personally find John to look extremely gorgeous in the photos of him from this time.   Something with that black shirt and smile and everything.  He just looks exceptionally good to me.   Any other John girls (or guys) agree?       Actually I think 1965 was a year where all four of the boys looked really healthy.   Shame John thought he was fat.


  1. I too am a John fan and I love him especially in the 1965 year. Picture Homer Simpson doing the drooling sound over a doughnut-- that's me. It is also my favorite John & Cynthia year, probably the happiest point of their marriage (IMO). I do agree that John looked healthy while he thought he was fat. Maybe it was more psychological/mental feeling?

  2. I agree with you, of course, Sara! To me, John almost always looked great... and he looks particularly yummy here. He looks great in that black tee and his hair is a nice length. I love the first photo, with his "sideboards" and that perfect profile.

  3. 1965 was a good year for all the Beatles, healthy-looking wise. I think the Help era photos that are in sun-drenched color are probably the apex of this.

  4. Sara, thank you for these great photos. You always provide information I can find nowhere else...truly valuable documentation. Thank you! The final photo above is from the collection by the great Marcello Geppetti, whose entire collection is found in the book, The Beatles in Rome 1965. Geppetti was one of the very first paparazzi, and he specialized in unposed shots of celebrities. He was quite taken with John's demeanor at the airport and the press conference. Sadly, this wasn't a happy time for John and Cynthia. 1965 had introduced LSD (in late March) and drugs were already taking a toll on their relationship. And John was also struggling with what he was "meant to do." So many of Geppetti's photos in Rome show a very serious and concerned John...but this last one is the such an exceptional one. And I love it! Thank you very much!

    1. I know I posted this in 2015, but I am standing by my original thought. John was looking good here --especially that last photo. Personally he might have been having a difficult time but he still was looking good. But then I am a partial to John.