Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hot fun in the summertime----What goes on MTBFR update June 2015

Happy summer!!!    I can't tell you how trilled I am to be on my summer vacation.   The joys of being a teacher, I guess (although I am still working on school related things all of the time).    It is time to kick back and enjoy the sun and the fun. on my book "Happiness is Seeing the Beatles."    

As usual, my summer schedule is a bit crazy and so I am not going to be updating the blog as frequently as I do during the school year.    I will still be updating, but I might have to skip a day or two hear or there.    This week I am going to be Cleveland, Ohio to go to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.   So while I am there---no updates.  

As I did last year, I will be documenting the Beatles concerts from 50 years ago.  So I will be starting with the European concerts later this month and into the North American tour of 1965.  If you have any photos or stories from this time to include, please contact me!

Last of all---please don't forget that I am still accepting donations towards my book.   I promise that I am getting permission to publish some amazing Beatles photos, but I still need some more money to get all of the photos I need.   Donations of $25 get you a free book and $100 or more gets a free book plus a rare print of the Beatles performing at Busch Stadium.   If you'd like to donate here is the link:

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  1. Enjoy your summer break Sara! Looking forward to your 1965 concerts as I really love the lads together.