Sunday, June 14, 2015

Crackerbox memories

Bryan McIntyre shared his memory of meeting George:

From my days in rock and roll radio, this picture of me with George Harrison was taken in early 1977 at a party at a hotel in Washington DC. The single "Crackerbox Palace" was being released and George was on a promotional tour across the US, visiting radio stations. The video had just debuted on Saturday Night Live, one of the first ever music videos, many years before MTV. The ballroom of the hotel was filled with radio people and George quietly entered the room and walked up to the group I was talking with and just stood there listening till we noticed him. He was wearing the same thick brown sweater he had worn on Saturday Night Live. He continued to talk with us while the photographer took individual pictures and by then a crowd was forming around us. I also have a picture with Paul McCartney taken backstage at a Wings concert at Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati in 1976 but the guy who took the pic was nervous and didn't hold the camera still, so it looks like I might have been posing with a cardboard cutout. The picture I took of my friend with Paul is still on his office wall in Columbus Ohio.

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