Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Backstage with the lads

The look so adorable and happy!   What a lovely photograph!  


  1. After looking at literally thousands of photos of The Beatles through the years...just based purely on photographs...they seemed to be truly happiest in 1963...They were making decent money, playing better gigs, they had Brian and Brian surely had their backs...Although coming to the states was something they 'had' to do for their careers, etc...the states ruined their good cheer....too much screaming, too many lunatics, too many famous and semi-famous people latching on to their fame, etc...having to put up with religious nutters, death threats, bomb scares...they were a musical group fer crissakes...they had to start playing bigger venues..which killed their sound, since technology wasn't around at that time...yes, 1963 in my opinion, was their best year....