Thursday, June 25, 2015

Arriving in Roma

There is some confusion with these photos.    Some claim that the Beatles left for Rome, Italy right after the concert in Genoa and others say that they didn't leave until the next day.    Since it is dark when the photos were taken, I would say that they were taken late on the 25th or super early on the 26th.    Now Alf Bicknell writes in his diary that the Beatles took a train to Rome.  However----look at the photos...they are obviously getting off of an airplane.    Do you see Alf in any of these photos?  Maybe HE took a train?   I don't know----but the Beatles arrived in Rome via airplane.  The photos are the proof.

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  1. I am catching up on the blog as it's been crazy at work......I LOVE it when you do these anniversary posts! Amazing photos!

    As far as Alf....he probably is blending another memory with this one....that's definitely a plane!