Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Beatles in the doghouse

  Obviously Paul McCartney loved his dog Martha.  We all loved Martha.   Something about that big sheepdog just makes me smile and the song, Martha my Dear is a fun addition to the White Album.    Paul didn't just have Martha.  We know that he also had a smaller dog named Eddie.  And then there was a dog named Jet (whoo ooo ooo)  And his son had a sheepdog named Arrow (me and my arrow....) in the 1990's as seen on the Paul is Live album.

Ringo Starr has always been a dog lover.   He and Maureen had a dog named Tiger.  Ringo also had some other dogs when he lived in Sunny Heights.  These days he and Barb have Buster.

We know John Lennon as a cat guy.   However, he had a dog named Sally growing up and he and Cynthia had a dog in Kenwood named Nigel (what else?)

George was another cat guy.   But I did find a photo of him in the Bahamas in 1964 with a dog!


  1. A young Stuart Goddard, who morphed into pop star Adam Ant, took Paul's dog Martha out for walkies in the late 60s. His mother was Paul's house cleaner at his house Cavendish in Mayfair.

    1. I never knew that!! And I love early Adam and the Ants!

      He even did an early song that's about the Beatles: "Family Of Noise"!


  2. I thought John's dog's name was Bernard, and Julian seemed to have named him that. Cyn mentions this in her book. Now, unless they had two dogs, I guess his name is Bernard.

  3. John' dog's name was Bernard, not Nigel. George had Border Collies at Frair Park. Paul and Nancy have a Pit mix rescue named Rose currently.