Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Paul in Brazil- a magazine review

I try to review something every Wednesday for what I like to call "Wednesday Reviews."   This one is a first---it is a magazine called Revolution and it is printed in Portuguese, which I do not read or understand at all.

One of the readers of this blog, Marcus was super kind enough to send me this magazine from Brazil through the mail.  

It is published by Macro Mallagoli who has met all four of the Beatles and is quite a Beatles expert and respected fan.

Macro and family meet the McCartneys in 1990

This magazine focuses on all of the times Paul McCartney performed in Brazil over the years.   Of course the first time he was there was in 1989 as part of the World tour.    From what I am can tell, there some stories of fan meeting Paul during that tour and then in English there is the setlist and a load of great, rare photos!  And they are all in color on glossy paper. 

That is the pattern of the magazine---every tour stop with great photos and setlists (including the soundcheck set lists) until 2014!    And even as someone who cannot read the text, I find this magazine to have a great layout and to be fun to flip through.   Photographs do not speak a language and there are so many of them that were new to me!

Something else I liked about this magazine is that it wasn't filled with advertisements.   There were a few in the front and in the back, but mainly you are just immersed  in the world of Macca concerts.

I would recommend this magazine to anyone who knows how to speak a little Portuguese or anyone who loves Paul McCartney and is a completest.     I know for me, it is neat to see that fans from all around the world love and go wild over Paul the same way as the fans I have seen in the United States.


  1. Hi Sara! I have known Marco Antonio for a very long time. He used to have a fan club in São Paulo in the 80's where I went several times, which later became a huge e-mail list and a website. He sent me the magazine, which is very nice and there's a Volume 2 of it which I haven't seen yet. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to read it since I am going nuts finishing my book (we finished 1968 yesterday and start 1969 on Saturday). By the way, the first time Paul came to Brazil was in 1990.

  2. hi sara , as lizzie wrote it above the name is marcos no macro. hahaha