Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hotel Okura

As we all know, photos of John Lennon from 1979 are scarce.   I want to thank a very kind friend of this blog for sending me these amazing photos of John and Yoko at the Hotel Okura.    These photos were taken August 31, 1979.  


  1. Just wanted to add this could possibly 1978
    1) John and Yoko were only in Japan for a few weeks in 1979 and John has a beard in all the photos I've seen

  2. Also john had new glasses during the 1979 Japan vacation. I can't tell if those are the new or old glasses ?

  3. yes, and on this day John wrote postcards from the Okura Hotel to Bob Gruen and Sam Green.

  4. These are from August 1978, glasses frame is that he used that year. In 1979 he had a beard an bought new eyewear, as seen on A family Album book