Sunday, May 24, 2015

Funny Lennon


  1. Lennon was a charlatan... arrogant, violent (Bob Wooler, for example), self-obsessed. Not to mention a wife beater. His kind would not be tolerated in the modern world. Also, his contribution to music ceased in 1971.

    1. I highly disagree with you, May 25 Anonymous. I have never seen any proof from Cynthia or Yoko that John was a wife beater, but yet this story goes around and around. John was arrogant and could be violent when he was drinking. He was as human as it comes. But really his contribution to music ceased after 1971? Have you listened to Walls and Bridges? However, I allowed comments like this on the blog because I believe in freedom of speech.

  2. "Walls and Bridges", great album.

    Even if his contribution to music had ceased in 1971, he would still be on the very top of the mountain of Rock, sorry anonymous.

    Lastly, who cares. My relationship - and your relationship - with John is through is music, and his work, and his music and work only. If you are looking for artists to be perfect people, please, let me laugh you off the face of the internet. Go read about Beethoven. Go read about Charlie Parker.

    "His kind would not be tolerated in the modern world", actually, they're tolerating him quite well, thank you very much.

    And by the way, the only reason you call him a wife beater is because he himself confessed it, by way of talking about the progress he had made regarding his relationships with women - a typically brave and honest thing to admit to in the press, without any prompting, he volunteered it.

    As far as him beating up Bob Wooler - when he was 22 and drunk - the only thing to say about that is Bob Wooler obviously forgave him.

    So much for your ridiculous comment.

  3. Walls and Bridges... ranked the 45th best album of 1974, wow!! It amazes me that you people condone violence against women, just because he wrote some nice songs during his days with the Beatles. I just wonder what would've happened back in 1963 at McCartney's 21st in Liverpool if guns were as prevalent in England as they were in the USA. As you suggesting that violent behaviour is acceptable if induced by alcohol?? Unbelievable attitude.

    1. No---it was not acceptable and John should have gone to jail. But how many people do you know that did dumb stuff when they were in their 20's and influenced by alcohol? John had no business drinking ever because he would get violent. That does not make it right by any means and John should have been punished for what he did to Bob. I don't think John would have shot at anyone. But then I wasn't there-. I still have never seen where Cynthia or Yoko claimed that John abused either one of them physically. The way John treated Cyn was terrible at times. Suing her for infidelity when HE was the one she found with his mistress in HER robe at breakfast?

      I don't pay any attention to the charts---I just know good music and I think Walls & Bridges is one of the top 5 best albums ever. It is a shame that the people of 1974 didn't appreciate it more, although number 45 isn't too bad---better than anything I could have done!

    2. You are in a bubble world. You act like we condone violence against women! What do you want us to do? Do you want us to have Yoko give us his ashes so we can scold him?

      "Just because he wrote a lot of nice songs", that is just idiotic. You have a one-dimensional view of reality, period. How does it feel to be so one-dimensional?

      I think you need to hold yourself up to the light, it's real easy to look at someone else's life and past judgment. Look at the people in YOUR life? Are you so shrill and unforgiving and one-dimensional in real life? Huh? Please tell! Please tell us all about your family members, and your perfect friends.

      As far as violence against women, I used to watch my mom get smacked around all the time, it was terrifying and gut wrenching. I don't speak about it frivolously.

      For anyone to sum up John Lennon as "he was wife beater" and that's it, that's the sum total of this man's life and just a blithering idiot, I'm sorry....someone has to say it.

      It's just as easy to say he was also a beautiful, one-of-a-kind spirit..... even the women he "beat" say that......nor is there a line of girls from over the years claiming Lennon "beat" them, I might add.

      If you don't hate Lennon so much, or whatever your hang up is about him, how about this: smash up your Beatle records, and stop hanging around Beatle blogs!

      (oh, ps, the guns in Liverpool on Paul's 21st, that was just really know how to run away with your imagination....hey, listen.....if it makes you any happier, John got shot, ok? So, happy now? He's dead, he got shot in front of his wife. On his way to kiss his 5-year old son goodnight. What goes around comes around, right Anonymous?

  4. "Suing her for infidelity when HE was the one she found with his mistress in HER robe at breakfast?"

    John had suspected Cynthia of having an affair with Roberto Bassinini, the son at the hotel where she was staying in Italy when Alex arrived to tell her that John wanted a divorce. In light of the fact that Cynthia later married Roberto, this does not seem wholly improbable. And really, if she didn't, she should have. Still Cynthia is determined to portray herself as the loyal doormat.

  5. Cynthia has admitted in the past that she did indeed sleep with magic alex on that occasion, drunk on wine and shell-shocked after the days events. In 'John' Cynthia revises that story - painting herself as the ever faithful wife. In truth, Cynthia probably did sleep with Alex in the misguided and drunk notion that it would rouse John's old jealousies - in fact, it later transpired that John had encouraged Alex to do the same in order to strengthen his divorce case. In regards to their break up, Cynthia relates a new story of how John's jealousies returned for a moment during one of her last meetings with him. Yoko had left the room to get a glass of water, she says, when John launched into an attack saying Cynthia was no innocent flower and accused her of having an affair with a young American at the Ashram in India - John said George had passed him a note the American left for Cynthia. It is interesting that Yoko is 'out of the room' for this incident, and John and George are no longer around to beg to differ. This is an example of the incidents that just do not ring true, somehow - and conveniently no one can say they did not happen. I know you like Cynthia...every "Beatle fans" would prefer the doormat, housewife, blonde girl over a japanese "crazy looking" girl. And please don't give me those "she was mean to Julian and blah blah blah." You heard their side but never heard John and yoko side which I find more true. John wanted Julian to live with them in the dokota, even Yoko wanted to and even wanted to be friends with him. But John knew Julian NEVER LIKED YOKO because of Cynthia. And Yoko even teaches him some janpanese paper art (I forgot what it's called) but he pretends to be interested. Yet people say Julian and Cyn tried to be nice when really they weren't nice until I think John died then they t
    "Tried" but who knows. And Yoko and John did give money BUT Julian would spend it all fast. I know people wouldn't want to believe this because they always want to believe negative things about Yoko. But Cynthia "fantasy" book has so many errors that I find funny how many believed it. Who wouldn't with a innocent face like hers and everybody that was basically her friends and the people who prefer her over Yoko said how nice she was.