Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bang on the drum all day

I believe this photo is from when Ringo was in South Africa on September 27, 1975---great photo!


  1. 1975 actually. Ringo was bald in Sept 1976 :)

    1. Of course----uhh....someone was talking to me while I was updating the blog last night. And it totally threw me off. I changed my mistake.

  2. This was an Autistic fan called Gary, who has spoken about the event:

    “The correspondence started when I was ten with Autism and in those far off days there was no cure. However whilst lying in front of the radio the song, Yellow Submarine came on sung by Ringo. Immediately I started to reach to this stimuli after previously being unresponsive. This led to a breakthrough. The Beatles got to hear about this via there management and a delighted Ringo got in touch. We emigrated to South Africa in 1969 and in 1975 when he came over for a promotional tour we met up in his hotel room and had a long chat coupled with a drum lesson. My parents and the press were present and it was widely reported in the South African press. I work a lot with Autism societies nowadays and if there is one thing I do realise and that is how lucky I am”