Monday, April 27, 2015

Those famous drums

This is a pretty interesting see Ed Sullivan as the MC and Edyie Gorme and someone else I can't make out and Ringo's famous drums in the background.    This was the opening "acts" for the Beatles charity concert at the Paramount Theater in 1964!


  1. It's more than likely Steve Lawrence, her hubby and singing partner.

  2. That is so funny that Steve and Eydie would be opening for The Beatles!! On the other hand, it wasn't ALL teenagers at this show, so I suppose it does make sense after all.

  3. Yep. That's absolutely Steve Lawrence shown with Eydie Gorme. In 1969, there was a short-lived ABC-TV show called "The Music Scene" and it was hosted by comic David Steinberg. The program featured some of the top music acts of the day, including Janis Joplin, CSN&Y, Three Dog Night and many others. In one show I watched, Steve and Eydie did a campy version of "Can't Buy Me Love" where they changed the lyrics to "Buy you a diamond ring, my friend, like the one that Dick bought Liz" (of course, referring to Elizabeth Taylor and her then-husband Richard Burton). I remember doing a simultaneous head-shake and eyeball roll.


  4. I was at this show. It was on Sept. 22, 1969 at ABC Studios in Hollywood, CA for The Music Scene. A friend invited me to go, and I ended up right by the stage (As the camera pans out at the start of the song, I am sitting in front of Stills in the long sleeve yellow shirt). Turns out no one in the audience brought a camera but me. I lost some of the photos I took, but was able to hang on to most of the black & white ones. If you go to - you can view some of the photos I took at this event. You can scroll to the bottom of each page to click to the next page.

    1. Hi, did not see your photos of this concert at your link