Friday, April 3, 2015

Meeting Paul in the men's room

This is just too funny not to post!

From Dane Cook's facebook page:

Last night was pretty special.
I'm in a bathroom taking photos with Paul McCartney.
Wait, lemme back up.
Sir Paul came to the show last night and had a great time. He was laughing and applauding the comics and having a blast.
He went to go to the bathroom where myself and other comedians that wanted to grab a photo were staked out. When he exited he could not have been more enthused to chat and grab a pic or two or three. Finally he said.
"I was just gonna run to the bathroom and back in!"
"We didn't think crashing the bathroom was the right place for a photo," I replied.
He immediately runs back towards the men's room and says, "great idea lets do it!"
And we did. For five minutes we all took crazy silly photos with the legend himself... In a restroom.
He laughed, mugged and howled at our impromptu shoot. I also had a quick chat him and I that was really tremendous. He's very gracious.
I'm gonna post a few here. It cool to know that many people over the years can say they have a picture with Paul McCartney but no one has a picture with him in the Men's room acting like he was one of the comedians.


  1. am speechless with this one

  2. That's what I call meeting a Beatle.....for real!!!!

    Hilarious! And I'm not even a Dane Cook fan!

  3. I don't even know who Dane Cook is, but this story is hilarious! It reminded me of what one of my British friends told me once: she was at some McCartney event, went to go to the bathroom, where she found Linda and Mary. When she left, outside the door was Paul, like any husband and father, waiting for his ladies! Paul knows my friend (from being a fan from day one!) and they had a quick chat. Sometimes we forget "they" are human like us!

  4. never heard of dane cook outside his bathroom photography

  5. 3rd pic is creepy to me