Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Magical Mystery Richie

This is a lovely photo of our Ringo---but I also notice someone holding Lark cigarettes and a girl with a very far off look.  


  1. A very lovely photo indeed. John smoked Lark cigarettes, but I can't recognize the person by fingertips - I'm not THAT good!

  2. special looking pic here of Ringo - would be so nice if people cared for him as much as they do Paul

    1. I agree--- at least here on this blog we love all four of the Beatles!

  3. Interesting conversation here: in 1964 it was said that Ringo was the favourite Beatle when they came to the States, Paul was 2nd as being the "cute" one and George and John were equal 3rd. Ringo certainly was the best actor of the lads.