Thursday, April 30, 2015

Down on the Farm with Macca


  1. Great pics, Sara, all around today. These ones are great. Would you all say this is....Ram period? After he shaved his beard off, or before he grew it in?

  2. saw these pics many years ago - still nice

  3. Ultra rare awesome pics! I'm guessing from Circa June 1970 when he and had a haircut and shaved off the beard (the half shaved half not shaved pics) that he'd had since late Oct 1969 (though he trimmed it for his Caribbean holiday in Feb 1970). Most early "Ram" recording pics (Oct/early Nov '70) while he still had the brushed back hair didn't have it short above his ears so hence my guess at the circa June '70 period. Then he grew it long again up until the court case pics in Feb 1971, then shaved it off for the Grammy Awards then grew it back once more up until after the Bip Bop/Hey Diddle/on the farm video shoot.
    Would love to know the story behind these pics that look like they were taken by a fan and not Linda. Where did you snag these from Sara? Any more info?

    1. Thanks for the information!

  4. probably taken by the NY fans who went to the Scotland farm then - several of these pics were around then

  5. I remember Paul not being too thrilled with the fans showing up at the farm then as he wanted a certain amount of privacy there but he would be polite, always keep his hands in his pockets, accept the gifts but never prolonged the visits. Very different from funny/flirty in London.