Monday, March 16, 2015

Talking in our beds for a week


  1. sorry but I never could take this bed in bit seriously for an anti war protest -it gave them exclusive publicity however at the time

    1. Publicity they didn't need one bit. It did, however, give "peace" some publicity.

      I was just listening to an interview with Captain Beefheart, in 1969, during the recording of "Trout Mask Replica" (you can find it on You Tube)....Beefheart was no Beatle-lover at all. In fact, Beefheart (like Zappa) had very few nice words to say about any other artist.

      He gets asked about the Beatles, and Beefheart just can't contain how much admiration he has for John & Yoko for the Bed-Ins (the interview is from July 1969). I think Ringo also has since said he thought that was their greatest stunt.

      Lastly, were never SUPPOSED to take this Bed In seriously! Have you ever listened to any of the interviews from the Bed-Ins? That's all they are saying (other than "give peace a chance"!). I mean....sorry, but that's Bed-In 101, you're not supposed to take it seriously. "We're happy to be the world's clowns", you 've never heard that?

  2. Love the comment sections Sara! Lol- J &Y loved all their publicity no matter where it came from. Hey anon 3/19 "give peace a chance"!